Business Card Magnets

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Is your message magnetic too?

Magnetic business cards (also called Business Card Magnets) are an excellent method to increase the staying power of your company name and message. A magnetic business card keeps your name and service in sight for a long time of period. These can be attached over almost all metal household items. Although refrigerators are the most common items to be placed on; filing cabinets, microwaves, cash registers and many more household items can accommodate our quality Business Card Magnets. Unlike ordinary paper business cards, they are robust and permanent billboard used for advertising your brand, products or services to your valued customers.

It’s true that Business Card Magnets do cost a little more than normal and traditional business cards but it’s also a fact that they are worth it. Most people throw away ordinary paper business cards because they get spoiled, shabby or torn by the time. But Magnetic Business Cards are durable and stay in their original condition for many years while they act as a constant reminder of your name, products or services.

Our Business Card Magnets are manufactured using commercial grade magnetic material ensuring they stick around year after year. The magnet is finished with a high gloss protective film that always keeps it looking brand new, enhancing it’s vibrant colours. Matt laminate is also available.

So if you are looking to make an impact with your advertising campaign, think Business Card Magnets and order now.

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